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Aspirant Relations Team makes GE-PI-WAT @ SIBM Pune a hassle free process

The Aspirant Relations Team  ART at SIBM, Pune is “Admired” by all aspirants for its meticulous planning of all activities  related to admissions which includes coffee with SIBM,  handling pre-admission queries, GE-PIWAT process of admission and post admission queries asked by aspirants. The team is also considered very “Reliable” as it gives the right answers to aspirant queries. In fact, post the GE-PIWAT process the ART team has become Admired and Revered Team,  for the eminent panelists, who interviewed  aspirants during the GEPIWAT process!

I was flabbergasted by the energy levels of the team members. The ART  team members and SIBM student volunteers who helped the team also did a great jobThe humility and positive attitude of Anup and Paranthap was  exemplary.

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In Picture- ART Team with staff and the Deputy Director – SIBM,Pune

Once again we have reinforced the fact that “SIBM, Pune” is a B School where the students take ownership of all the processes. We have yet again proved that SIBM Pune’s student councils  are “world class” in planning and execution of their activities.

Dr Ramakrishnan Raman

Director – SIBM ,Pune

PS:SIBM Pune will be declaring the Merit list and Wait list on 28th Feb 2015


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