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Five Reasons to Join SIBM Pune


It is hard enough to get into a premier B-School here in India—what with the sheer degree of competition, the cut-offs which stretch up to the fourth decimal point and not to mention the dreaded group discussion and personal interview rounds. And then again, some institutes have a writing ability test too…phew! And once we land in one, we thank our lucky stars only to find out that hey, this place is just not me! These were my precise thoughts as I watched the SNAP Topper interviews on YouTube last night.

A premier B-School and a beautiful one? How many are there in this country? Even our fingers prove to be too many to accommodate the paltry number but rest assured that Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune is one of them. Nestled in the green, lovely hills of Lavale and commanding an outstanding and unparalleled view of the city and the rolling Western Ghats beyond, many first-time visitors often end up mistaking the place for some high-end resort. The snaking roads, the viewpoints, the amphitheatre and even the classrooms have views that have the capacity to calm even the most restless of hearts. After a day of grilling lectures and assignments, it feels nice to take a stroll down the road and perhaps sit back and relax at the amphitheatre, looking at the twinkling city lights which complement the starry night sky.

SIBM Pune believes in a student-driven culture and it is not lip service. The nine student councils along with four special interest groups look after all the processes—from admissions to placement, from social and public relations handling to research, from CSR to inviting corporates for guest sessions. Such activities instil pride and a sense of responsibility within the students early on in their life here at SIBM Pune and thus give them a taste of what life would be after graduation. Also, this helps the student develop a close bond with the institute which stays on long even when one has formally left.

SIBM Pune believes in inclusivity of diversity. Students from all corners of the country, even the world, and from varying disciplines and degrees of work experience come together to pursue a common goal. Such diversity in classrooms leads to fruitful discussions as various points come up on the table which lead to exploration of the subject and broadening of the horizon.

SNAP Test, the entrance exam which forms the first step towards admission, is accepted to be one of the toughest tests to cracsnaplogok. The subsequent processes of Group Discussions, Writing Ability Tests and Personal Interviews ensure that only the brightest students with a hunger and desire to grow are chosen. Also, special attention is paid to the extra-curricular activities that the candidates have pursued in order to ensure the well-roundedness of his personality. Thus, it can be easily said that the SIBM Pune students are amongst the brightest and versatile of the country and rest assured that your peers would be the ones who would be the leaders of tomorrow.

SIBM Pune is a regular participant and winner in competitions like Godrej LOUD, ITC Interrobang!, L’OrealBrandstorm, Mahindra War Room, Deloitte Maverick, Vodafone Voyage, HUL Carpe Diem etc. This creates an environment of healthy competition amongst the students and encourages peer learning and teamwork. It also helps in increasing one’s confidence and subject knowledge—not to mention the fact that winning competitions also gives the winners the bragging rights!

The institute is well-known for its 100% placement record. Renowned companies like Asian Paints, Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, Cummins India, GSK Healthcare, ITC, J.P. Morgan Services, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., Nestle, Pidilite Industries, Wipro, Syngenta India, Tata Steel, HSBC India, ICICI Bank, Idea Cellular etc. are frequent visitors to the campus. SIBM Pune is one of the few institutes in the country with a high number of PPOs (Pre-Placement Offers) and PPIs (Pre-Placement Interviews). This alone speaks volumes of the pool of talent that the institute harnesses, both in the form of students that learn and the faculty that teaches. SIBM Pune attracts the best faculty from across the country who are heavily experienced in their respective fields of specializations. This let them substantiate theories with real life examples which makes the classes more relevant for the managers of tomorrow. Also, the case-study manner of teaching provides a welcome respite from the age-old method of learning, allowing the students to exercise their ideas and apply them to the given problem.img-20161022-wa0004

There is actually no limit to the number of reasons as to why should one join SIBM Pune. This is perhaps one of those rare places in the world which resonates with one’s mind. It is just that once you step in to the campus, your soul has actually fallen in love with the place—you can actually never get this gem of the Lavale hills out of your heart. You never realise when you have actually begun to call this place your home.


-Srijita Sarkar