Was a wonderful experience to interact with the fresh young minds of SCMS Noida, on what the corporate world expects from new talent….

Posted By Shrirang Altekar

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This is an Institute that is close to my heart, having headed it for more than 8 years, and through some extremely turbulent times…. today, am so happy to see it doing well, with students, faculty and staff committed to it’s growth… ( I handed over charge in 2019 )… really feels good! Hope that my interaction was of use to the fresh-to-be-graduates… from the number of students who met me later and asked me to keep coming back and keep talking to them, it must have been of some use!!

My sincere thanks to Dr. Nidhi Phutela, Director, SCMS Noida, for inviting me, and Dr Nidhi S. Natrajan, Dy Director, SCMS Noida for coordinating the visit and the talk.. at Symbiosis, we strongly believe that collaboration is always better than unnecessary confrontation… and we are always ready to support our sister Institutes….

And of course, we have Encore North tomorrow in Delhi…… really looking forward to meeting all my fellow alumni… it promises to be a good Meet, with some innovations built in…. ????!!

Will be also having an interaction with SIBM Noida students tomorrow, on a similar topic, and how they can build up their employability quotient… looking forward to the same!