SIBM Pune-Quit Mediocre and Experience the AMAZING!!

Posted By nansi.mahajan17

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“If you desire intensely and act upon it, then everything stands within your reach”.

Well for me, SIBM Pune seems like a dream come true. The dream of joining Symbiosis international University since the day I passed my high school. I do not whether it was the fantasy of “Symbi” as a brand the teaching pedagogy, the culture that intrigued me or what better it being in Pune ( city is a perfect blend of simplicity and metro culture). Unfortunately could not make it at that time, despite working hard and praying like a maniac 😉

Now i realise that the greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fall. Getting into SIBM Pune eventually made me realize my dream. I still remember the interview morning it was the first slot. Reaching the campus was a mix of tension and excitement. The process was well coordinated and the friendly interview panel broke all the previous jinx I had in my mind about mental stress in a premiere B-school interview. I left the campus with the positive and determined mindset-” I am coming here and it is meant to be”.

Finally converting a call strengthened my belief in destiny and hard work. You enter the campus that is nested in the laps of nature ( adorably called hill-top). The picturesque surroundings and the monsoons (the perfect time in SIBM welcomes the new batch) makes it all a more enthralling experience away from the hassles of the city. The hostel facilities, the recreational centre, the palatable food in the mess, – and the assurance of the mess people-” None of your stuff gets lost here” was like an icing on the cake.

The induction program was another insightful experience with speeches from various dignitaries including the legend himself, Sir S.B Majumdar welcoming the new batch with the beautiful message for life “keep your heart full of faith, your feet on ground and your eyes on the sky”. Do not forget in the rush what matters to you the most and stay humble. The ice breaking session was well designed and various games made the interaction easy. The talent round gave me an opportunity to shove away the shyness and explore the new arena of my talents (P.S I never thought i could be on stage :P) .

Finally the classes commenced and the distinguished faculty ranging from teachers having long industry stints to a wonderful “econMOM”- her creativity, imagination and passion for economics captivates me the most. The USP of SIBM is that is driven by students councils in all activities ranging from placements to co-curricular .Without second thoughts SIBM being the premiere schools in India en captures the right mix of everything , be it faculty ,infrastructure, placement figures or corporate relations. The list is never ending.

The philosophy here is work hard in silence and let your success be your noise. Looking forward to making the most out of the coming two, rather the best two years of my life. P.S – The seniors say they past real quick 🙂



Nansi Mahajan, 1st year MBA student@ SIBM PUNE