SIBM Pune – Lasting Impressions

Posted By Navonil

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I had decided before arriving at SIBM campus that I would do everything to get out of my comfort zone. Interestingly enough, the same thought was reaffirmed by Mr. Prakash Iyer during the first day of Induction. As if it were not enough, we were thrust into competitions and talent rounds during the third day and I decided to take a leap of faith to counter my fear of public performances. While it was in no way a great showing (especially compared to some of the really talented people in my batch), I could actually feel a part of the inhibitions leaving me permanently. As for public performances and public speaking, they still make me nervous, but no longer afraid. And I know that over the next two years, SIBM will provide me with ample opportunities to get over them.

The beautiful Lavale Campus has been the focal point of all talks. The natural beauty, combined with tremendous infrastructure makes SIBM a true centre for holistic development. One of the things that I did when I first arrived was to learn how to ride a bicycle. Yes, this was the first time. But just like the public performance, I took another leap of faith. To be honest, this one cost me one toenail but after falling down during the first couple of days, I was riding the cycles on the campus just like any other student.

SIBM, in the past couple of weeks, has made a deep impression on my mind. And while the teachers and alumni have been saying since day one, it is now that I am gradually understanding why these are going to be the two best years of my life.


MBA 1st Year