SIBM Pune : An experience

Posted By akashjainjpr

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New beginnings in life bring a strange feeling with them . They bring hope ,rejuvenation and an excellent opportunity to meet new people , but they also constantly remind us of what we have left behind ; our family ,friends and our home.

But we tag along and over a period of time we make new friends ,explore new avenues and feel at home again . At SIBM Pune, it is rather quickly that I fell at home , thanks to the wonderfully designed induction programme . The experiences shared at the induction by the speakers were very phenomenal and gave a great insight on how our two years going to be and how we can make most out of it .The best part of the induction was the talent round .It helped us open up and interact with each other and work together on the interesting activities .

And between all this fun was the useful pre- induction module which we all wanted to study but could only make a little sense out of it. Nevertheless, with the beginning of classes and help of our wonderful professors, I am hopeful that we will finally be able to make sense of the module and of other things too.

The experience till now gives me a feeling of an exciting but a challenging journey ahead and I hope it turns out to be a fulfilling one too. The one thing from this induction that will stay with me is the speech by Mr.Iyer on the first day and the talent round.


Akash Jain First Year MBA student @SIBM Pune