SIBM, PUNE- An Experience

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It was the last month of 2014 when I gave my SNAP EXAM, and eagerly waiting for the result to come. Finally I got the interview call from SIBM PUNE.

My dream was realized, when I got an opportunity to do MBA from one of the premier B-SCHOOL in INDIA. First day, I was sitting in auditorium for the Induction Program, wondering how the next two years will unfold. All the brilliant people around me were making me nervous. People were already talking about specializations, job profiles and various other frightening things. I felt so under prepared. I was not really sure as to how I will be able to utilize these two years to add value to my career.

As luck would have it, all those thoughts were washed away the very next week when the actual classes started. A usual day for me starts at 7:30 am when I need to get up, take the usual dose of ET and then make haste for the college after getting ready. Just manage to get my attendance for the first lecture.

The important thing, ‘Hostel Food’ here surprisingly better than what I expected. It’s not mind blowing awesome, but, its good. The second week’s time table has been put up, and now and the schedule builds up to a more feverish pace. Inspite of that, there is always time for fun, we have had several sessions of cricket, football and TT at the hostel.

That’s about it then, I am hoping I get to update my experiences here regularly. Till next time then.