SIBM Pune – An experience

Posted By aditya.rai17

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After getting an opportunity to join one of the best b schools in India – SIBM Pune, I was excited to experience the next two years of my life here. All people to whom I consulted spoke highly of this institute and told me that these years are going to be among the best years of your life. They also told me that you will make memories and friends which will last your lifetime. Being in the campus for 3 weeks I am sure now that every word of the above lines will come true. The hospitality and the registration process which we were to undergo the very first day were very easy. All the people we so cooperating especially the Warden Sir and the Security Guards. This helped me a lot after my hectic journey to Pune. Then from the next day began our Induction program. On the first day, there were sessions with the biggies of this institute the chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Principal Director –SIU, director –SIBM . So many great personalities on a single stage inspired me. They not only shared their invaluable life experiences but also gave great advises and suggestions to all of us and surely those words will echo every time we need to take decision in our lives. They showered us with their blessings and welcomed us to be a part of Symbiosis family. They all particularly stressed on the word family which definitely made us feel like we are at home. Second day we were introduced the faculty – immensely experienced people from whom we will learn and evolve via their knowledge and wisdom. They will shape us to become better person both professionally and personally. Looking forward to that. The ice-breaking sessions were fun. Being an introvert, I couldn’t possibly imagine knowing so many people in such little time but these kind of activities made it possible. I have never been to any Ice Breaking session and it really was a new and awesome experience for me personally. Then on the third day came the Talent Round. We spent almost the entire previous night preparing for this and it was an amazing way to bond with my batch mates and surely a great way to make friends. On the next day, we performed on stage – too bad we didn’t win but hey it will surely remain a great moment to remember by the early days of our college. Then on the next day we had interactive sessions with the various alumnus of different specializations who passed out recently from this college. Listening to the experiences of their college life and also the post college life motivated all of us. They cleared everyone’s doubts regarding anything. Then we also had an industrial visit to Coca-Cola factory . Then on the last day of induction we had a pre-induction test which surely gave us an insight to how things are going to be in the next two years 😛 (less time to study and so much course to cover). The full induction process was very nice as it made us settle into our new lives so quickly and easily. The overall crowd, the diversity of this institute is admirable and I am looking forward to share these two years with people who are from entirely different background and perspective of things than me. Now that the classes have started we are in full flow to go through the rigorous process of MBA program. Surely the best thing about this campus which no one can deny is its location and scenic beauty. The weather is so nice every day that you need to have a camera to capture these moments at all time. Loving the rains at this time of year. Hoping to enjoy the awesome life that is provided to us and get the best of these two years so as to live a happy and prosperous life after this Cheers

– Aditya Rai First Year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune