Online Pre-Induction for MBA, MBA(I&E) and MBA(L&S) from 25th June 2020

Posted By Dr. R Raman

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SIBM Pune will start the Online Pre-Induction program for MBA, MBA(I&) and MBA(L&S) from 25th June 2020.

All the students who have paid the fees will be getting the official email account to login and start the online pre-induction program. In case a student has not yet paid the fees then he /she will not be given access to the pre-induction program.

There are specific subjects which have been identified from the best of the universities across the globe and the students will be given access to these courses and will be expected to complete the same within a given time frame.

Students will also have access to several other courses from several universities across the globe, and they can opt to enroll for the same and complete them according to their interest.

Dr R Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU