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DWANDVA 2016 organized by the Sports Management Team of SIBM Pune.

August 2016 saw the most awaited face off – DWANDVA an event that pits SIBM Pune MBA I and MBA II in various sporting activities, the event was organized by the Sports Management Team of SIBM Pune. 

Day 1 started off with Table Tennis. Both teams showed their exuberant energy, their skills and tactics, which led to a tie with MBA I winning the boy’s match and MBA II winning the girl’s match. It was then followed by a game of Pool where MBA II emerged the victors. Carom was a stiff competition as both the teams showed their prowess in an attempt to outshine each other. The two teams were closely knitted which led to a tie-breaking match, in which MBA II bagged the winning title.The day did not end there, MBA II showed their dominance being the reigning champion for both Badminton girls and boys even though there was an immense display of skills and determination by both the teams. MBA II also took over the title as Squash champions yet again. At the end of the day MBA II had won 7 games leaving MBA I trailing with 1 title.

Day 2 began with Swimming, which was the first outdoor sport of the tournament and after coming through a tough encounter between the two teams it ended with a tie, where MBA I girls and MBA II boys won the swimming relay. With that we continued with Chess where the intensity arise as both the teams displayed their strategies and tactics, which led to MBA I winning the title. The students of SIBM Pune participated with full exuberance.