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Dean California State University, Bakersfield (USA) teaching at SIBM Pune

Dr. Angappa Gunasekaran is the Dean at the School of Business and Public Administration, California State University, Bakersfield (USA) and he is teaching a course at SIBM Pune 

Prior to this, he held the position of Dean and Professor at the Charlton College of Business from January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2017, Chairperson of the Department of Decision and Information Sciences from 2006-2012 and Founding Director of Business Innovation Research Center (BIRC) from 2006-2017 at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (MA). Dr. Gunasekaran has held academic positions at Brunel University (UK), Monash University (Australia), the University of Vaasa (Finland), the University of Madras (India) and the University of Toronto, Laval University, and Concordia University (Canada). He has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay). Dr. Gunasekaran has received Thomas J. Higginson Award for Excellence in Teaching (2001-2002) within the Charlton College of Business.

He has over 300 articles published/forthcoming in 40 different peer-reviewed journals. He has presented about 50 papers and published 60 articles in conferences and given a number of invited more talks in about 20 countries.

Dr. Angappa Gunasekaran is teaching a course for MBA students at SIBM Pune and sharing his expert knowledge agile manufacturing,  big data analytics etc


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