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Brand Charades: Dumb charades with a twist

The event ” Brand Charades: Dumb charades with a twist” was organized at SIBM Pune. It was a huge success with participation from 28 teams comprising of 3 members in each team. The event focused on testing the participants’ knowledge of brands and various brand elements.

The game was divided into three rounds, first one was a brand guess round using dumb charades, followed by guessing the tagline. Top ten teams, on the basis of the least time used to guess the brand and the tagline, were selected for round 2.  In round 2, teams were given a logo which they had to first guess and then enact the brand. This not only checked their playing techniques but also tested their brand knowledge. The top three teams then moved to the final round which had the toughest brands from the Fortune 500 list.

The winners were Team Name : Khote Sikke Team Members: Ankur Gupta, Krishna Chaturvedi and Yogesh Lakhiwal

1st runners up Team Name: A score Team Members: Azeem Ranpuri, Hitesh Paikra and Abbas Akbar

2nd runners up Team Name: Chillar Party Team Members: Purba Das, Ahana Kaul and Sharad Kabra

Dr R Raman

Director SIBM Pune


Dean Faculty of Management SIU