And the wonderful journey begins…. | SIBM Blog

And the wonderful journey begins….

My first three weeks at SIBM Pune can be described by just one word AWESOME. I honestly thought that I would miss my home a lot and cry my eyes out like crazy. But I don’t. Frankly, I only miss my home when I am not busy having fun and experiencing new things.

The first thing that you see when you reach the campus is the picturesque beauty of Lavale hill. Situated amidst lush green surrounding, this place can be aptly mistaken for a resort. And it is very easy to forget that we are here to study in the first place.

I was bit anxious about mingling with other students. However, once I realized that people here are friendly, I was at ease. My roommates… All three of us are poles apart in our personalities. But that is just what makes it even more interesting and fun. In fact, one of my best moments here on the campus was sitting with my roommates and observing beautiful rainbow from balcony of our room.

From thousands of SNAP test takers, being shortlisted and finally getting into one of the best B-School in India, itself feels like a dream come true. But one thing I have learned while being at SIBM-P is that I should always aim higher. And the faculty and seniors are there to help you out at every single step to achieve that.

I am bit nervous thinking what all challenges will be thrown at me during my 2 year-MBA course. But, I guess, little nervousness is quite normal. So, I move forward in my journey at SIBM-P, with hope to become a better individual.


Akanksha Ganj First Year MBA student @ SIBM, Pune