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An experience called SIBM Pune

One afternoon, during my very first week at SIBM Pune, I decided to take a stroll through the campus. After a long walk from the new girls’ hostel, I reached a place that suddenly grabbed my attention. It was the Amphitheatre. A cool, gentle breeze, total silence and a mesmerizing view were all that I was looking for. I sat there for almost an hour pondering over the entire journey that had brought me here.

When I appeared for SNAP I wasn’t even sure what I really wanted to do, and whether MBA at Symbiosis was the right destination for me. After SNAP, I got a call for the GD-PI-WAT round here, at the Symbiosis International University. Still uncertain, I decided to give it a try. However, the day I arrived at Symbiosis, I fell in love with the campus. The entire experience of the GD-PI-WAT round drew me closer to this place and I couldn’t wait to get shortlisted and be a part of this amazing institution. What also surprised me was the warmth and friendliness of the students and interviewers here. Being a fresher, I was always under the impression that a B-School is much like at a job with people having several years of work experience and not much room for freshers. However, this B-School at Pune totally changed my perspective. I was given a fair opportunity to express myself and be judged at par with the students coming from other walks of life. I was also impressed with the fact that the entire process was so well organised by our seniors, and that they were very cooperative and helpful throughout the process.

From my very first day at the Best B-School in India, I could feel a sense of urgency in me to prove myself here. As the induction process started, there were a number of inspirational interactions with the SIBM faculty and our Director as well as the entrepreneurs from the industry. This inspired me further and is surely going to be one of the driving forces to push me to mould myself into this course. SIBM Pune is not just an institute to bring out successful managers, but the Symbiosis International University in itself is an experience. Right from managing ourselves in the hostel to performing well each day in the classes, Symbiosis is grooming us for our lives ahead and I am certain that this experience is going to shape our personalities to make us excellent managers at work and in life. I am all geared up for my next two years at SIBM Pune and hope to do my best in all the opportunities that come my way. This is just the beginning.

Sanika Nagnur First year MBA @SIBM Pune