Aarambh 2017, an initiative by Symbiosis International University (SIU), is a cultural event where student teams from SIBM Pune along with other sister institutes located at the Lavale campus come together to showcase their talents. This year the theme for Aarambh was “Unity in Diversity” with the motive of spreading awareness among students about the value and importance of oneness in variety.

This year SIBM Pune came up with a spectacular group performance which depicted the freedom struggle India faced, along with a representation of the current day situation. The performance was a dance drama with the music providing the heart of the production. It was a riveting watch from start to finish and the audience felt and connected with the emotion the performers had portrayed.

The dance performance by Aakash Goankar, Abhishek Bhattacharjee, Aditya Narayan, Avishek Agarwal, Ayshu Varsha, Gautham Madhu,Karishma Nayak, Kshitij Gupta, Maurishca D’souza, Nikunj Kevadiya, Shivangi Dixit, Sucharita Aneja,, Supreet Kaur, Ajinkya Ingle, Megha Modi and Shreevallabh Chouganjka was dazzling. The music and drama which provided the essence of the act came from Kaushal Munshi, Madhur Mehta, Mandar Harshe, Aditya Ramnath, Garvit Bhandari, Johanan Joel Khriam, Mukta Rajwade, Nandita Borgaonkar, Rohit Tandekar, Shahrukh Solanki, Sumit Sethi, Prashant.

The performance was well appreciated by the crowd with cheers spread across the auditorium. The hype for the event was all through the campus, as the day approached students put in extra hours to make sure that their performances were well rehearsed and synchronized.

Aarambh 2017 gave the opportunity for a grand showcase of talents !

Dr Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU