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A beautiful confusion of experiences called SIBM-Pune

There are some places that you fall in love with and then there are some places which leave an indelible mark on your soul. It’s been a fortnight since I have come to the beautiful Symbiosis Knowledge Village at Lavale and it continues to leave a deeper imprint on my mind.

SIBM Pune is one of the finest B-schools in the country. The MBA programme in Symbiosis is one of the most coveted in the country with over 60000 students appearing for SNAP and finally just 200 odd students making to its hallowed portals. SIBM Pune is a constituent of the Symbiosis International University and has a great legacy behind it. With such legacy behind me I came here expecting a great flow of knowledge and ideas. What I got instead was so much more than that.

When you first come to the Lavale campus, you are serenaded by the beautiful hills that change colour with the change in weather. The rains that come like a fog and leave behind an aura of loveliness. When the pre-induction started in this background, the atmosphere was abuzz with excitement.The pre-induction is a fantastic chance for students to interact and break the ice. After a week long programme which saw skits being performed on social issues to guest lectures from eminent people and alumni from the industry and finally the much awaited industrial tour; all these allowed the students to interact and get to know each other and also allowed a free flow of ideas among people from diverse backgrounds.

The amazing sporting infrastructure in the campus made me believe that Symbiosis places a great emphasis on the overall well being of the students here. This bonded well with my own personal belief and gave me a sense of belonging here. I have been here only for the past 15 days but I already find myself among great friends and fantastic faculty with in-depth knowledge  of their respective subjects. These experiences have made me feel hence that not only is SIBM the best B-School in Pune but also one of the B-schools in the country by a comfortable margin.

I am confident I will emerge from here a different individual, a more confident and developed person. There are a lot to look forward to and this is only the beginning as they say. But I hope I will end my journey in SIBM Pune in the same beautiful way I began.