SYM Accelerate,intensive mentoring sessions organized for MBA – Innovation & Entrepreneurship students

SYM Accelerate, a two day mentoring session, was organized for the students of MBA – Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The aim of the session was to provide mentorship support to the students, and help their startup.

The student pitched their ideas and shared their prototypes with the panel. The panel members were:

Dr Arvind Chinchure- Chair Professor-Innovation & Entrepreneurship, SIU

Prof. Abhishek Kawitkar- Founder Director, Tree Public Foundation

Prof. Abhay Kardeguddi- CEO, NIVA Growth Consultants

Prof. Ronald Fernandez-Regional Manager, National Entrepreneurship Network

Dr. Nihar Shah-Director, Silver Bright

Pro. Sabina D’Silva-Consultant, Design Thinking & Innovation

Prof. Rajiv Tulpule- CEO, Retco Cable Corporation

Dr. Sunita Raman Rupavataram- Consultant in Organizational Psychology

Prof. Ismail Akbani- Head: Entrepreneurship & Consulting Cell, Symbiosis Institute of Technology

Prof. Parag Mahajan- Senior Agile Coach, Symantec

Prof. Arjun Panchal- CEO, PapaZapata

The mentors also provided feedback and gave insights on the business models showcased. The students gained imminence value through SYM Accelerate.


Dr Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


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