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The SIBM Pune students had a golden opportunity to  interact with Dr. Jang Singh, Senior Research Leadership Chair in Business and Professor of Management, from University of Windsor  Canada.  He taught a part of the course “Business Ethics and Corporate Governance”.  

Dr. Jang Singh, Senior Research Leadership Chair in Business, and Professor of Management, joined the University of Windsor in 1986 and served as Associate Dean (Strategic Initiatives) of the Odette School of Business, from 2007-10.  He is currently at University of Windsor , Canada and his research is mainly in the area on management but he has co-authored papers in other areas of business and in other disciplines.

SIBM-Pune-International-FacutlyIn Picture from left : Prof. Poornima Tapas – Professor at SIBM Pune , Dr. Jang Singh and Dr. Raman

Dr. Singh’s research has focus is in the area of business ethics and in particular “Corporate codes of ethics.”  His work in this area has received international attention and, working with researchers in Australia, Sweden, the United States and Norway. He has published several articles on the strategic value of these documents, their contents and how they are influenced by national culture and have changed over time. Currently, Dr. Singh, in an effort coordinated with researchers in Australia and Sweden, is conducting research on Canada’s top 800 companies to, inter alia, identify the determinants of the effectiveness of corporate codes of ethics.

SIBM Pune students immensely benefited with the lecture sessions

Thought of sharing with all of you hence this email

Dr Ramakrishnan Raman

Director – SIBM, Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU






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