Dr. Parag Waknis, from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth @ SIBM Pune !

Dr. Parag Waknis, Assistant professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth addressed the MBA students at SIBM Pune on the topic “Effects of demonetization“.

Dr. Waknis spoke on the circular flow of income and how it affects firms and households both. Stressing on how the connected and unconnected sectors react differently to economic changes, he explained how it is important to upgrade skills and technology to bridge the gap.
The floor was open to questions at the end of the ninety-minute session with inquisitive minds blazing away. Topics like agrarian economy, black money, digital transactions were touched upon in the question and answer session with Dr. Waknis providing the students his perspective on the same.The session drew to a close with the parting thought that evil is the root of money and not vice-versa.
Dr R Raman
Director – SIBM Pune
Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU

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