My Godrej Loud Experience

For as long as I remember, the one thing that has stayed constant in my life is the growing love for animals. It all started with playing with street dogs and continued to grow as I volunteered with animal shelters, rescuing and taking care of abandoned dogs.

The Godrej LOUD journey is one memory that will remain forever etched in my mind. While most of us see it as a corporate competition, for me it a platform to reflect upon your most honest and genuine calling. LOUD is an opportunity to share your passion, your dream, and your driving force. If you are sincere and lucky, the genie in a bottle could grant it too!

My dream is to be a certified trainer in canine behaviour and companionship under Ms. Shirin Merchant, who is a pioneer in the field for over 20 years. She is the only person in Asia and 9th in the world to have an international accreditation from the Kennel Club of England’s, Accredited Instructor scheme – the KCAI in Companion Animal training and Behavioural Training. I wish to apply the knowledge to make shelter dogs psychologically healthier, happier and trusting towards humans. In the long run, I want to train assistance dogs. Thanks to Godrej, I would be a part of this training shortly.

It all began by stretching late night hours in the library to make a 3-minute short video showcasing my dedication to animal welfare. Being selected as a national finalist out of 1400 applicants across the country was surreal. Only once I reached the Godrej One office, I realised that it was indeed all happening. The evening before the finale, the finalists helped each other put final touches to the presentation. I am glad that I can look forward to interning at Godrej this summer, with some of the most talented and amazing people, because of Loud. The finale was a star-studded affair with Godrej business heads judging the event. It made me feel like a celebrity. The love and support that I received from everyone at SIBM Pune were overwhelming.

Winning Godrej Loud has been a humbling experience. It is a reminder that dreams do matter, have faith.  And as far as I am concerned, happiness has always been a wet nose, wagging tail and fuzzy paws.

– Ayushi Gupta, MBA 1



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