An SIBM Pune Alumnus – Mr. Abhay Srivastava, who is presently the Senior Vice President – HR, Cipla Limited for a guest lecture @ SIBM Pune

SIBM Pune hosted Mr. Abhay Srivastava, Senior Vice President – HR, Cipla Limited and Ms. Prakruti Kodali, People Strategy – Office of the GCPO, Cipla Limited for a guest lecture on ‘Leadership competencies for the 2020s’. The session mainly gave insights into effective leadership keeping in mind the organisations of tomorrow.

Mr. Abhay Srivastava, spoke about the importance of ‘strategy’ in the corporate world. Mr. Srivastava concluded the session by sharing six principles as listed below

Be professionally humble,

Have an unwavering commitment,

Think in 360 degrees,

Be intellectually versatile,

Be innately collaborative, and

Inspire leadership

The session was a great value add for the students

Dr Raman

Director – SIBM Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU

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