Ashwin Raguraman an SIBM, Pune alumnus, presently an Independent Board Director at BeWo Technologies delivers a session on ‘Early stage fund management’ to MBA ( Innovation and Entrepreneurship) students

Mr. Ashwin Raguraman, an SIBM Pune Alumnus, addressed the first year MBA Innovation and Entrepreneurship batch on ‘Early stage fund management’. Mr. Raghuram has been with the India Innovation fund for five years and has funded multiple ventures and is presently the Independent Board Director at BeWo Technologies. He also had a long stint with Nasscom as a senior manager for Innovation Initiative.

His immense knowledge in start up funding, kept the students engrossed during his session. He explained the innovation ecosystem in the country and also gave information on how and why was funding easier today . Mr. Raghuram also threw light on how entrepreneurship is celebrated in the country. Being an alumnus of SIBM Pune himself, he also shared his MBA experience and advised students to give their best , as these two years would be one of the best years of their life.

For the question “Which Start-up Ideas Would you to fund?” A spontaneous answer he gave was “Those that would generate returns that would keep me smiling! ” The MBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship students thoroughly enjoyed the session which was interactive and gave them a good value add

Dr R Raman

Director – SIBM, Pune


Dean – Faculty of Management – SIU

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